A dialogue between established African artists born on the continent and those living in the Diaspora. Drawing on post-colonial themes, these artists explore a range of issues such as national identity, economic disparity, spirituality and migration in various styles and mediums.
The Exhibition

All works on view draw from Bill Karg’s Collection of African art. The exhibition will expand to engage younger artists from the African Diaspora. The encounter aims to address ideas evolving out of diverse colonial conditions where artists continually adapt, quote, and critique European strategies and representations of Africa.

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William R. Karg

The collection is a reflection of William R. “Bill” Karg’s travels.

With its strongest representation in works by artists living and working in Eastern and Southern nations of the continent – and to a lesser, although significant extent in Sub-Saharan West Africa – the collection also reflects Bill Karg’s ability to develop and nurture personal relations; every work in the collection was acquired directly from the artist who created it, and was acquired as a result of—or in connection with—memorable dialogues with the artists that enriched Karg’s sensibilities toward the work, which led to his opening a gallery in New York City in 1985.

OLCDC President and CEO Willie Logan and Bill Karg in NYC 2018

Tumelo Mosaka and Bill Karg in NYC 2018

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OLCDC x Community Youth Project

Kids and Teens interpret pieces in the exhibition!