About the Curator
Tumelo Mosaka, OLCDC’s curator-in-residence, specializes in contemporary art. He is a renowned independent curator from South Africa with an international reputation. Most recently, he was the contemporary art curator at the Krannert Art Museum in Champaign, IL where he curated several exhibitions including: Blind Field (2013), OPENSTUDIO (2011), The Kangarok Epic (2011), and MAKEBA! (2011), among others. Prior to joining KAM, Mosaka was Associate Curator of Exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum. Mosaka has also worked for the Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, South Carolina where he co-curated the exhibition Listening Across Cultures (2001) and Evoking History (2002). He has also organized several international exhibitions including Otherwise Black (2014) for the 1st edition International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Martinique. His projects have examined themes such as migration, identity and racial injustice. He organized the exhibition Africa: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow with work from the new acquisition, along with a selection of borrowed works which will be on loan from private and public collections.